Roman Polanski’s new film lands US deal

Oscar winner Roman Polanski’s latest film, Based on a True Story, will be widely distributed throughout the US.

Sony Pictures Classic has bought the North American rights to the new French film starring Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green. RatPac Entertainment will partner with Sony Pictures Classics for the release.

The film is an adaptation of Delphine de Vigan’s novel and written by Polanski and Olivier Assayas. The plot has best-selling author Delphine (Seigner) going through a rough time in her life when she meets an obsessed fan (Green) at a book signing.  and Delphine’s life turns upside down.

A spokesperson for Sony Pictures Classics said: “Based on a True Story is the kind of thriller audiences are hungering for, as exceptional and fresh as Repulsion and The Tenant were in their day. Polanski’s new film promises to be his very best.”

Roman Polanski said he was very pleased with the deal.

“Sony Classics is a company that has long tradition in supporting European cinema. I am looking forward to working again with Michael Barker and Tom Bernard,” he said.

Polanski’s last film released from Sony Pictures Classics was Carnage in 2011 starring Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet.



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