First month of TAFE

I’ve been attending TAFE for a month. Though a couple of my classes are challenging, I’m enjoying my course. I find this course has changed me. I’ve slowly come out of my shell and starting to think critically about the news and media.

One of my favourite classes is Mopho (Mobile Photography). I think my photography skills have improved. I always try to make sure my photos are perfect to my vision.

My WordPress blog in Online and Social Media class has been at times frustrating. For the past month, I’ve changed my theme a million times. It’s hard trying to figure out how I envisioned my blog. I decided to try something different with my blog and pick out a design that was different from other blogs and looked more lively. With help from my teacher on menu links, I’m happy with the final result. Here’s hoping the blog stays that way.

Writing and Press Conference has been the most challenging classes I’ve ever had. The classes seem to focus on hard news like politics and heavy issues happening in the world, areas I’m not familiar with. My type of news is film and entertainment. I hope I come around this class.

Overall I’m enjoying my course and the work I’ve produced.


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