By Belinda Palmada

A women’s rights activist has spoken out about the recent Russian law to decriminalise domestic violence.

Claudia Wilson, president of No to Violence spoke at Sydney TAFE for Woman’s Day. The Russian government’s move on domestic violence was a hot topic of conversation.

Russian Parliament voted 308-3 to decriminalise domestic violence. The law allows beatings of spouse or children that result in bruising or bleeding once a year. Broken bones which outcomes from abuse will be punishable by 15 days in prison or a fine of $500.

When asked from an audience member for Claudia’s thoughts on the Russian topic, she believed Russia is wrong and the law is a disaster.

“I feel sad for Russian women of law.” Claudia said

“The law is not helping our civilisation”

Estimated domestic violence kills a woman every 40 mins.


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