New Theory into Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance

By: Belinda Palmada

A decade since Madeline McCann vanished during a family holiday in Portugal; an investigative reporter has proposed a new theory for her disappearance.

Andrea Smith speaking at Sydney Tafe campus on May 5 said she believed Madeleine may have been kidnapped and transported by cargo ship as part of a child smuggling ring.

Ms Smith’s began her investigation when her younger son’s  passport was missing and found all evidence of her son’s immigration, citizenship by decent  and evidence of having a New Zealand passport deleted from a New Zealand government computer in 2010.

“His citizenship and passport had both had numbers so if his name has been deleted from there, has another name been put there?”  Ms Smith said. “I thought what would a child’s passport be used for and did a little bit of digging.”

Her findings led her to a container ship under the name the Robert Rickmers which left Barcelona on May 7 2007 and docked in Port Chalmers, Dunedin in December 2007 where Madeline was allegedly spotted.

She passed this information to the authorities but nothing had been done.

“The police are checking on paedophiles than possible movement of Madeleine” Ms Smith said.

Over the years since Madeleine disappeared on May 3 2007, there have been 8,645 reported sighting across 101 countries. Madeline has been reportedly spotted in Barcelona, New Zealand and most recently, Australia.


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