An Audio Interview with Paul O’Brien

A few weeks ago, our Mojo/Social Media class was given an excise to get an interview with a house hold name via Twitter. I managed to get in contact with actor Paul O’Brien. The story of how I got in touch with Paul is interesting.

A few months ago, I was curious about what happened to Paul after he left Home and Away. I googled him and watched him in interviews on Youtube and found out Paul was an acting coach. I thought that was interesting. I started following him on Facebook and Instagram. Cut to the time of the Mojo/Social Media class exercise, I thought of Paul and how great his story would be for an interview. I tweeted at him and he didn’t reply. A few days later, I got a notification for a new follower on Instagram and it was Paul. I checked out his page and found his email address so I emailed him then a few hours later he replied.

Throughout this audio interview Paul talks about his career after he left Home and Away and his work as an acting coach.


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