Online and Social Media Journal

This is my last month of Cert IV Journalism and I thought this journal entry would be a perfect way to reflect on my progress.

I started this blog with the purpose of publishing my film reviews on a site with building up a portfolio and gaining an audience. My intended audience is moviegoers and other movie reviewers.

Film reviews are not the only content on the blog, I’ve added my class exercises on the site to build up a range of work.

My first month of Online and Social Media, I found my blog frustrating. I kept changing my theme a million times. It’s hard trying to figure out how I envisioned my blog. A couple of months later, I finally picked a theme I like and suits my personality.

Over time, I’ve gotten a handled of the blog but occasionally still ask for help from my teacher or one of my TAFE buddies.

I’m very pleased with the way my blog has turned out and the content. I’ve received positive feedback from friends and family particularly from my MoPho work. I can’t wait to see what work I produce in Diploma next semester.


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