Young People Under 25 Becoming Homeless

By Belinda Palmada

A new report shows people under the age of 25 make up 43 % of homeless Australia.

Lily Gobran, representative of City of Sydney spoke at Sydney Tafe campus on June 9. The report was based on a survey conducted by 35 people under 25 living the streets.

“There are an increasing number of young people becoming homeless,” Ms Gobran said.

“It’s an issue that’s all over Australia.”

The biggest factor for becoming homeless is lack of affordable housing, along with suffering a physical/mental health condition, suffering a physical/mental health condition, escaping domestic violence, alcohol/drug/gambling addiction and unable to find work/unemployment.

“To overcome this issue, we need to commit as a community and individuals, “

“Our community needs to stand up and say it’s not acceptable to push our young people into poverty and disadvantage as would be the outcome of the government’s budget proposal for a six month waiting period to apply before young people receive their income support. “

Lord Mayor Clover Moore is calling for a multi-agency taskforce to tackle homelessness.

“The number of people sleeping rough across our city highlights the need for multiple agencies across all levels of government to work together to provide safe and secure shelter for all – one of the most fundamental human needs,” Cr Moore said.

The report also shows the income of young people is made up of 17% Disability pension, 26% unemployment benefit, 26 % youth allowance, 20 % begging and 12% work.

The average age of people under 25 homeless is 22.


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