whitney houston 2

It’s been five years since the death of singer Whitney Houston. Her life is the subject of a new documentary from filmmakers Nick Broomfield (Tales of the Grim Sleeper, Aileen) and Rudi Dolezal (Freddie Mercury – The Untold Story, Michael Jackson) to hit the Sydney Film Festival.

The film’s title Can I be me? was Houston’s favourite expression, one she used so much that her band member sampled it to play at the start of rehearsals.

The documentary takes an intimate look into the Grammy winner’s music, drug use, questions about her sexuality, relationships with her family and her tempestuous marriage to ex-husband Bobby Brown.

The documentary features interviews with those closest to the singer, never-seen before footage and exclusive live recordings.

Directors Broomfield and Dolezal have a music documentary background. They successfully capture this intriguing woman who led a prominent life under the intense scrutiny of the public limelight until her tragic death at age 48.

The feature offers a raw insight into the stratospheric career of a star described as having one of the greatest voices of all time but who faced inner demons that destroyed her and her possible same-sex relationship with best friend Robyn Crawford.

Whitney: Can I Be Me is an incredible documentary, a fascinating and touching film about one of the greatest singers of all time. Fans of Houston and music lovers will find this enjoyable and respectful of the singer’s life.

Whitney: Can I Be Me is now screening for limited release. Check for listings.

Rating: 4/5 Stars


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