360 Video Evaluation

As a class group, we made a 360-degree video story of Bondi. My role in the task was camera person. I participated in the storyboard meetings. I took a photograph of the storyboard just to get an idea of video we were aiming.

I tested the 360 camera before went to Bondi just to get used to the equipment. I never worked a camera like this before; it was an excellent experience capturing video differently.

Filming at Bondi was a nice. Bondi is a prominent place, and there’s so, many things in this area. With help from the class, I was able to get some great footage of Sculptures by the Sea, people playing volleyball on the beach, seagulls and people skating at a skate park.

The next day, I imported the footage into the student drive and created a file in Adobe Premiere as a project.

I gave the 360 camera to my classmate Ati so she could get more footage for the video and helped her convert the videos and add them to Premiere. I uploaded one of Ati’s clips on YouTube as a test to see what a 360 video looks like on the web. I found the quality of the footage terrible watching it on a desktop, but if you view it on the phone, it seems cool with VR Google Cardboard.

Ruth interviewed a Chinese tourist who was visiting Bondi. The tourist spoke in his interview in Chinese. I found someone at my workplace who was able to translate the interview.

I’ve been involved in the post-production. I found some royalty free music and effects on the internet and save on to the student drive along with help Fatima with the audio editing. I also helped Andrea with arranging the clips over the timeline in Premiere.

Though there were times I was stressed with some of my classmates’ participation in the project, I did enjoy making this video. Working with a 360 camera was a surreal experience. I hope to do a project like this one day.


Work Experience Diary 3

On my second day of work experience, the editor sent me a written interview with the director and cast of Tom of Finland. My task was to format the discussion, so the question is in black and then the answers as per the beginning of the transcript. Edit the questions and answers so that it is more readable. Come up with a title and a 1-sentence intro following by a 1 paragraph intro that would open the Q&A.

For Example:Tom of Finland

Work Experience Diary 2

My first day of work experience was not too bad. I got work from home transcribing an audio interview Warwick Thornton. He recently made a movie called Sweet Country starring Bryan Brown and Sam Neil which premiered at the Venice Film Festival. He did a film years ago called Samson and Delilah.

It took ages then the editor asked me to write a story based on the interview. I sent the story, and the editor said thank you.

Here’s a link to the story: https://filmink.com.au/warwick-thorntons-sweet-western/

Work Experience Diary 1

I applied for work experience from various places such as FilmInk, Mamamia, Newscorp and Daily Mail.

I had hoped to land work experience with one of my dream companies Newscorp, but sadly my dream was crushed by rejection. Newscorp, rejected me because they only accepting University students where completing placement is compulsory to their degree.

With my teacher Verity’s help, I emailed another dream company The Daily Mail, but once again I disappointed when they said they couldn’t offer work experience. There is a training program, but the applications have closed.

Eventually, I applied to FilmInk, and the publisher got back to me. He was happy to take me in, but he let me know FilmInk had downsized substantially and no longer publishes a print version. In downsizing, we closed our office and all work from home.

They continue custom publishing the program for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo and a few other bits and bobs, along with maintaining the FilmInk website.

I told the publisher I was okay with it. Now I’m happy I found a place to do work experience and best of all it’s a movie publication which the best place for me if I want to be a movie reviewer.

Cover Letter

Hard News Reflection

My hard news story is about illegal movie downloading focusing on what’s been having in recent years. I chose the topic because I have a passion for films and against illegal downloading. It’s an important issue as it affects jobs in Film and TV and how we (Australians) get our content as licensees who buy content to distribute but can’t because it’s going to service a small audience and have to work out how many people are watching it before they purchase.

I managed to interview Lori Fleker, Creative Content Australia Executive Director because her organisation is passionate about privacy. After my interview, it was clear my angle was privacy is ruining the entertainment industry.

My only regret with the story was I didn’t get to interview Graham Burke. I tried to get in contact, and all I got was a press release with a five-step plan for privacy which I used some quotes.

Video Story Evaluation

My video story is Q and A style video asking people “What’s the shortest time you’ve kept a job and why?” My idea based on a tweet about Anthony Scaramucci’s temporary job at the white house. The production was extended but was fun making it.
I spent a week editing the video trying to make it perfect as it could be. Caz pointed out to me the audio issues and camera shots. At the time, I didn’t realise it was a problem until she mentioned it. I took her advice, and it helps make the video better. I hope people enjoy the video.

Now I’m glad it’s over and move on with a new project.