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What will the future be like?

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We’ve always wondered that but how will our fantasies differ from reality? Today we’re asking what people think.



My career objective is to be a film critic for a magazine or newspaper. My plan is to study journalism at TAFE and gain skills to enhance my writing and critiques. I have a Certificate IV and Diploma in Screen & Media at North Sydney TAFE where I studied Film and TV. While studying journalism, I hope to gain work experience/volunteer work at a movie magazine or pop culture website by submitting film reviews on a regular basis. This will help me build up my resume and gain journalist/writing experience.

At the moment, I occasionally submit reviews to Sanity Music and I’ve had one review published on their Facebook page. I have a Letterboxd account and a TAFE wordpress blog where I published film reviews on a weekly basis.


  • Write reviews for online publications, websites, newspapers and magazines
  • Watch and review several movies a week
  • Report on general entertainment news
  • Attend film festivals and premieres
  • Critique the quality of the performances, writing, directing, cinematography and other elements of the film based on judgment and industry knowledge
  • Analyse trends in movie ticket sales
  • Discuss their opinions on films in broadcast media
  • Give reviews that are entertaining and insightful
  • Possibly conduct interviews with performers, directors, writers and other film production personnel
  • Provide insights and background in order to educate the public about the film
  • Liaise with editors and publication managers


  • There are no specific requirements to become a film critic
  • Good communication
  • Writing skills
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in film, English or Journalism can give you advantage
  • Apply for entry-level positions at print or online publication companies
  • Establish a personal style and employ critical thinking
  • Build network of industry contacts
  • Public speaking if interested in working in television


These are two media professionals who I might ask advice my career objective.

Margaret Pomeranz

Margaret Pomeranz AM has co-hosted The Movie Show on SBS and At The Movies on ABC with David Stratton for nearly three decades. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University and was selected for the Playwright’s Studio at NIDA after which she began writing for television, radio and film. She joined the newly established Special Broadcasting Service in 1980 as writer/producer which led to her being appointed producer for David Stratton’s movie hostings. Some years later, in 1986, they were able to get The Movie Show up and running. The duo moved to the ABC in 2004 to establish At The Movies. Margaret has served as a member of the Advertising Standards Board, is a past President of the Film Critics Circle of Australia and has been both President and Vice-President of Watch on Censorship.[1]

CJ Johnson

CJ is the film critic for The Nightlife, listened to by a million listeners across Australia on ABC Local Radio and many more online internationally. His reviews air at 11:20pm on Tuesday nights.

CJ’s ABC Podcast Movieland is one of Australia’s pre-eminent film podcasts, having over a million downloads with tens of thousands more every month. A radio version airs Saturdays at 7:30pm on ABC Local Radio around Australia. The podcast is available for free subscription on iTunes.

CJ is the film critic for The Nightlife, listened to by a million listeners across Australia on ABC Local Radio and many more online internationally. His reviews air at 11:20pm on Tuesday nights.

His film blog Film Mafia ( is widely read internationally, with millions of views to date.

He is a regular contributor to magazines and websites internationally also a top Critic on Rotten Tomatoes.[2]