360 Video Evaluation

As a class group, we made a 360-degree video story of Bondi. My role in the task was camera person. I participated in the storyboard meetings. I took a photograph of the storyboard just to get an idea of video we were aiming.

I tested the 360 camera before went to Bondi just to get used to the equipment. I never worked a camera like this before; it was an excellent experience capturing video differently.

Filming at Bondi was a nice. Bondi is a prominent place, and there’s so, many things in this area. With help from the class, I was able to get some great footage of Sculptures by the Sea, people playing volleyball on the beach, seagulls and people skating at a skate park.

The next day, I imported the footage into the student drive and created a file in Adobe Premiere as a project.

I gave the 360 camera to my classmate Ati so she could get more footage for the video and helped her convert the videos and add them to Premiere. I uploaded one of Ati’s clips on YouTube as a test to see what a 360 video looks like on the web. I found the quality of the footage terrible watching it on a desktop, but if you view it on the phone, it seems cool with VR Google Cardboard.

Ruth interviewed a Chinese tourist who was visiting Bondi. The tourist spoke in his interview in Chinese. I found someone at my workplace who was able to translate the interview.

I’ve been involved in the post-production. I found some royalty free music and effects on the internet and save on to the student drive along with help Fatima with the audio editing. I also helped Andrea with arranging the clips over the timeline in Premiere.

Though there were times I was stressed with some of my classmates’ participation in the project, I did enjoy making this video. Working with a 360 camera was a surreal experience. I hope to do a project like this one day.


Innovative Story Research: Michael Jackson on Godliness | Blank on Blank

The innovative news feature story I chose is an animated interview with Michael Jackson on Godliness. The discussion is part of PBS web series’ Blank On Blank that animates unheard interviews with celebrities. Published on Blank On Blank’s website in 2014, the program restores Michael Jackson’s 1980 interview with music journalist John Pidgeon and offers a candid look at the singer before fame forced him to become more reclusive.

The interview takes place a few months after the release of Off the Wall; the conversation captures Jackson just as he emerged into a solo career. The 21-year-old star saw him and his music as “godly,” was obsessed with perfectionism, his feelings about being labelled “disco,”,  not wanting to be overexposed and the time he says he recorded “Ben” in one take.

The video gives a great sense of what it might have been like to be in that room, for example how Jackson was uncomfortable with interviews but forced to do them by his record company decided that he was most comfortable having the questions filtered to him by sister Janet. In the meeting, journalist John Pidgeon sat across from Michael; he was instructed to ask his questions to Janet who then repeated the questions to her older brother before he would answer.

Easy to watch on a computer, tablet and mobile, the Blank On Blank episode is an engaging and well-made animation from beginning to end.  Music lovers and fans of Jackson will find the video fascinating as the audio interview comes to life with imaginative imagery and giving a glimpse at Jackson’s thoughts on what the future might hold for him. It’s an effective way to tell a story.