Last Week of TAFE

My last week of TAFE and I’m relieved the course is finished. These past few months has been a roller coaster juggling between study and work.  I spent practically everyday travelling to Central whether it was TAFE or work and getting up at different times for example I have to get up 4:30 in the morning to start work at 6:30 am and sometimes finish work at 3pm which is exhausting but still took the time to work on assessments after work.

I took a break from watching TV to focus more on my studies which is something I never did during my education life so I have a lot of binge watching during my break. Taking time off from TV made me a better student, I’m more focused and put more work into my assignments. Now I’ve finished all my assessments and delivered them on time.

I can take some time to relax before Diploma begins next time.

Online and Social Media Journal

This is my last month of Cert IV Journalism and I thought this journal entry would be a perfect way to reflect on my progress.

I started this blog with the purpose of publishing my film reviews on a site with building up a portfolio and gaining an audience. My intended audience is moviegoers and other movie reviewers.

Film reviews are not the only content on the blog, I’ve added my class exercises on the site to build up a range of work.

My first month of Online and Social Media, I found my blog frustrating. I kept changing my theme a million times. It’s hard trying to figure out how I envisioned my blog. A couple of months later, I finally picked a theme I like and suits my personality.

Over time, I’ve gotten a handled of the blog but occasionally still ask for help from my teacher or one of my TAFE buddies.

I’m very pleased with the way my blog has turned out and the content. I’ve received positive feedback from friends and family particularly from my MoPho work. I can’t wait to see what work I produce in Diploma next semester.

Photo Portfolio MoPho Journal

For the last few months, I’ve been taking photos on my phone then posting them on Instagram and WordPress for my Mopho class. Looking through the Mopho galleries on WordPress, I’m happy with the way my photo portfolio has turned out. I think my photography skills have improved. I always try to make sure my photos are perfect to my vision. I’ve learned new photography and editing techniques I try to incorporate into my work.

If I had to take these photos again, I probably would’ve experimented with using different filters on Snapseed or Instagram and try to shoot different angles with some of the city photos.

Overall, it’s an impressive photo portfolio. I hope viewers like it.

Photo Story MoPho Journal

I just uploaded my 10 photo story on WordPress. The story was about the journey of weight loss. It was a based on my own experience and I thought it would make a great story.

I’m happy with the way the photos turned out  but if I had to do it again, I probably would’ve used different angles but my model didn’t want her face to shown so I had to do the best I could.

Overall, it’s a good photo story. I hope viewers understand the story and like it.

TAFE Journal June Entry

Today is the first of June and I’m a few weeks way from completing certificate IV. These past few months at TAFE have been great. My interview, social media and photography skills have improved but I still struggle with writing particularly with hard news stories. I’m very pleased with the way my wordpress has turned out and the content. I can’t wait to see what work I produce over the next few weeks.

MoJo Journal Entry 4

The other day, our class went on an excursion to Newtown to shoot vox pops for one of our assessments. I teamed up with one of my TAFE buddies Ruth. It went well, we six shot interviews. Ruth and I decided to mix up our vox pops by asking different questions on some of the interviews. We got a few interesting answers and different points of views on topics such as TAFE or Uni.

Shooting in Newton was great, different from our last shooting location Martin Place. To me, I found it more relaxing and easy to ask people for an interview than Martin Place. I wouldn’t mind going there again in the future to film interviews.

MoJo Journal Entry 3

Today I interviewed the head chef at my workplace. The interview went well. We did two recordings. It’s a bit longer than it should be but I’m sure that’s okay. The only thing I was disappointed with was when I tested my portable microphone it wasn’t loud when the chef spoke so I got rid of the microphone and he spoke with my phone. The phone’s microphone sounded better than the portable microphone.