Controversy erupted over the documentary The Red Pill when its Australian premiere was cancelled and banned in cinemas after a petition spread calling the film “misogynistic propaganda”.

The film’s director Cassie Jayne faced harsh publicity with news programs Sunrise and The Project slamming the feature without watching it before interviewing Jayne.

And what’s all the fuss?

The film follows feminist Jayne’s year with the men’s rights movement and interviews men’s rights activists and supporters. Its title makes references to the films Alice In Wonderland and The Matrix, when Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) offers Neo (Keanu Reeves) a choice of two pills – a blue pill (which when swallowed allows you to believe what you want to believe) or a red pill (reveals the truth).

Jayne sets out to investigate what she believes is a hate movement but soon discovers all is not what she expected. As she learns more about the issues men and boys face in society – mental and physical abuse, working in high risk jobs, crime, health issues and lack of reproductive rights – Jayne begins to question her own views on feminism.

This is a well-made, smart and insightful documentary dealing with issues facing modern man. The Red Pill has been dubbed a propaganda film but that is a judgement all viewers should make for themselves.

Director Jayne challenges viewers to broaden their perspectives on many significant social issues as she shines the spotlight on both women’s and men’s rights. Most interesting is watching Jayne document her own journey throughout the film as she video diaries her thoughts on the people she interviews and the impact this has on her own previously held views.

Don’t form an opinion until you watch this film.

Rating: 5/5 Stars